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Your Questions - F.A.Q.

I've put together some of the most frequently asked questions so you can get an idea about me and the way I work a bit better, and see if I'm the one you'd like to work with, before contacting me. It's quite a read, but you'll get a comprehensive overview of my service.


How would you describe your photography style and the way you work?

If I had to name five words that best describe the style of my work I would say: documentary, candid, vivid, natural, intimate and I would add a sixth one, minimalist.

But since I'm better in expressing myself visually, I think my portfolio of Destination Wedding Photography describes the style of my work the best.

On top of that, some of my past clients were so wonderful to have left me some reviews for you to read. They are the ones that have the closest experience with my work, and they are in the position of appraising my work.

You can read some of the Client Testimonials here. Let me quote a part of one of my favorite testimonial:

...It is not unusual for people to look back on their wedding day with great fondness and, sometimes, look at the proceedings through rose-tinted glasses.
In recognition of this, and therefore with a heightened sense of objectivity, I honestly cannot think of a single area in which David could have improved upon the service he provided.
A sterile record of events this is not. The results are absolutely breathtaking and perfectly encapsulate our own memories of the day, enhancing them even by capturing moments that we had actually missed ourselves.
My view is that this is precisely what one’s wedding photos should seek to achieve: David has succeeded in portraying living moments in time and we could not be happier with his work.
— Séverine & Stephen - Zürich, Switzerland

What is the price of your wedding photography service?

I have three pre-designed Collections that differ in the add-on products such as prints and books, which are of a better price when booked as a Collection directly at the beginning of the booking process.

It suits the needs and wishes of most my clients, that's why I've set it up this way, but I'm always happy to make a custom collection directly for your needs or to add any of these products after the wedding itself.

I would be happy to dive deeper into pricing with you after I hear your ideas and wishes to be able to give you the best rate.

For further information on pricing and all the details, get in touch with me!


We love your work and think you are the one we are looking for! What shall we do now to book you as our wedding photographer?

I'm thrilled you feel I’m the right photographer to capture your wedding day. You've seen my portfolio and read a few Client Testimonials, and you probably have a clear vision of what to expect. The next thing you should do is to send me an inquiry to check if I'm available for your wedding day, to discuss all the details and possibly to schedule a call.

I believe it is essential to be on the same page with your photographer.

I really like to have a Skype or FaceTime calls with my couples. It helps us to get to know each other better, and since you are planning a destination wedding or inviting me to meet you at your dream wedding venue, we don't have that many chances to meet in person before the wedding day. But don't worry, I wouldn't let us meet each other at the ceremony for the first time. I always meet with my couples the day before the wedding to go thru the last minute details and to see each other and have a coffee or a drink together.


I'm shooting weddings mostly in Italy (Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Tuscany, Italian Riviera, etc...), Switzerland, Germany but that doesn't mean I don't shoot weddings elsewhere. I’ve had the privilege to shoot weddings in Portugal, UK or Palm Beach-Florida-USA.

In my online portfolio, I'm not showcasing every wedding I photograph. Some of the best weddings from the most exciting places never make it online, because the couples wished for their photos to stay private and I respect that.

I love to travel to new destinations, and that is what keeps my photography fresh and innovative. Adapting to new environments, seeing new perspectives.

I'd love to accompany you as your photographer wherever your wedding takes place if you feel that I'm the right photographer for your wedding celebrations.

We would love to have you as our photographer, but our wedding is in Tel Aviv (or elsewhere), and we see in your portfolio, that you've done weddings in Italy, Switzerland, Germany or Portugal, does it mean you don't work elsewhere?


It depends on the style of work and the personality of the photographer you are looking for. My experience says otherwise. I like the challenge that a new venue or a new destination brings. Destination Weddings are the ones that deliver this exciting drive to my work. They are mostly the only ones I do. I don't aim for quantity; therefore I can concentrate on each detail and think things thru individually for every wedding.

I once heard that what makes the most successful photographer is repeatability of something he has done before. It was meant that he has to be able to repeat the same trusted and sought photos and angles of the same venue and the same situations over and over again. I partially agree with that, but in my case, the repeatability lays not always in the same place but is in the same feeling, toning, colors, light, and approach, and that is what I can deliver.

We are planning a destination wedding at a place you've never shot before. Isn't it better to hire a local photographer?


I have an excellent experience and often work with some of the best wedding planners in various Italian areas (Italian Lakes, Venice, Tuscany, Italian Riviera). Let's discuss your ideas about your wedding first so I can see who would be the best fit for you from my perspective.

I can give you honest recommendations for trusted and passionate wedding planners throughout Italy, for Vienna or Prague.

Do you work with a wedding planner in the area or our wedding? Can you give us some recommendations?


Yes, I do work with an assistant or a second shooter in situations that demand one or another. It depends on the scale of the wedding you are planning. On the number and distance of locations and the number of guests.

It is very individual and is subject to further discussions.

Do you work alone or do you have an assistant? Do you have a second shooter?


I do provide a videography service in my Collections. Two videographers will capture your wedding celebrations in the same way I envision the photography coverage.

We don't have a videographer yet, but we are considering having one. Do you have someone you could recommend?


I don't have any problem with working with another professional that has the same goal of delivering the best possible results. I'll get in touch with the videographer before the wedding to go thru all the details and to discuss the possible situations on site.

Working with a videographer often leads to a creative environment for both of us.

Best option is to discuss the Video coverage options I offer as part of my service.

We have a videographer, do you mind working with a videographer you've never worked before?


We don't like to pose for photos, but we'd like some guidance on what to do for the couples photos, is that possible?

Don't worry about posing or pretending.

I'm after the true expressions and dynamics between the two of you. I won't tell you exactly what to do and how to smile. That movement, intimacy, and smile need to come from the bottoms of your hearts.

I encourage my couples to enjoy those moments they have alone for themselves from the whole wedding party (otherwise called as a Couples Photos time) to relax and let things come naturally.

That way you can let things go and live in the moment.


I deliver your wedding photos thru an online gallery in Web and Full Print resolution.

You can view, share and download the album directly from the online gallery.

How do we get our photos after the wedding?


What I think is the most important thing regarding the number of your wedding photographs is that they are originals genuinely representing the atmosphere of your wedding day, telling the whole story of your wedding and capturing the emotions of you and your guests. In this perspective the photo count is secondary.

There is no exact number I could give you right now, because it depends on the flow of the day, on the program of the wedding day, on the time of the ceremony, the number of your wedding guests and other variables.

In general, it is somewhere between 350-550 of unique, carefully selected, touched up and corrected photographs. The number of photos needed for the whole story to be complete is individual.

The most important selection is for the Wedding Photo Book, and that selection usually consists of 50-120 photos depending on the size of the book.

How many pictures will we get from the wedding day?


You'll get all final photos from the gallery in both Web a Full resolution for print, so you are not limited in any way, and you don't have to make an additional purchase of the print files.

You can share the Web resolution photos with your family and friends directly from the online gallery, where you can download them as well.

I must say that I feel it is my responsibility to see the whole process thru, not only with the digital files but also with the prints.

I give my best knowledge, effort, and all my energy into creating your wedding photographs and it would be a shame if you got low-quality prints from your local digital printer in the end.

My workflow is set up and calibrated with my professional Printer Studio to bring you museum grade quality prints on an archive paper. You can immediately see the difference. All of this is the outcome I'm seeking.

The same goes with the Photo Book. You can always do it on your own, but I can't guarantee your satisfaction as the colors, and the whole feeling might be different from what you see on the screen and from what was intended. I'm always here to help you thru the process, whether you order the prints with me or you do them yourselves.

What is the resolution of the photos we get? We want to share them with our friends online and make our prints, is that possible or do we have to pay extra for that?


Yes, I do, they are both parts of some of the Collections, or you can order them after the wedding.

Do you offer a Wedding Photo Book and prints of the photos?


I try to encourage my clients to make the initial investment in the Photo Book, or to decide for it even after the wedding when they see the finished photos.

It is the physical form that literary gives your wedding photographs another dimension.

You would hardly know where to look for your USB with the digital files is in 10 years, but I'm sure you would know where to look for the Wedding Photo Book in your bookshelf whenever you feel like living those moments together again.

Do we need a Wedding Photo Book if we have the digital files?


The number of photos for the Wedding Photo Book depends on the story of the day and the size of the book you choose. It varies from 50 to 120 photos, and it is individual. As every wedding is different, every Wedding Photo Book is different as well.

Usually, I do the first layout design, and then you step in and make any changes or tweaks if necessary.

If you wish to make the selection all by yourself, that is fine as well, but it requires more time and a lot of effort.

You don't need to be concerned about the number of the photos that much because I want the book to tell the story of the day, to show the emotions, expectations, tears, joy and happiness and all of that needs I want to reflect in the Wedding Photo Book selection. It is a compact selection of the best photos from your Wedding Day Gallery. Sometimes it is tough to make those decisions about which photos make it in the book, but you'll have the final word in this.

What is the number of photos for the Wedding Photo Book? Do we have to choose them or do you make the selection?


I value my client's privacy the most so I'm open and upfront from the beginning. Of course, I'd love to showcase the photographs that I've had a chance to capture at your wedding, and it is the only way I can show other couples how my photography work looks, but I value your privacy more than that.

I'm grateful for all the couples that allowed me to share their photos publicly for you to see, but I respect your privacy, and If you wish to withdraw from publishing your photos, I respect that, and I won't charge you anything extra for that.

We don't want you to use our wedding photos for your online portfolio. Do you charge any extra fees for not publishing our photos?


I've got many tips from my experience, and I'd be happy to share them with you along the way, but the most important advice for me would be to consider having an unplugged wedding. If not the whole wedding, then definitely having an unplugged ceremony!

It means that you ask your guests to refrain from using their phones during the ceremony and don't try to capture every moment of the celebration from every angle possible. It often ends in photos of guests with their cell phones in front of their faces, and you don't want to see Apple logos instead of their present expressions. You want your guests to be present at the moment with you, not flicking thru the photos they just took of you walking down the aisle a minute ago.

There are many ways to address this, and I'd be happy to tell you more about it.

Do you have any useful tips for our wedding day?


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